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The aim of the TRiaDS programme is to improve the quality of the dental health care of patients in Scotland by establishing a practical evaluative framework for the translation of guidance through the conduct of a multi-disciplinary programme of translation research embedded within SDCEP.


  1. To describe current activities and the natural history of change in clinical and administrative behaviours in specified areas of dentistry in Scotland;
  2. To develop criteria to determine if an intervention is required for improvement;
  3. To develop interventions to generate change in targeted professional behaviour(s);
  4. To evaluate the effectiveness, cost effectiveness and sustainability of a range of guidance knowledge transfer interventions using experimental designs;
  5. To investigate and describe the processes of and by which professional behavioural change occurs using an appropriate mix of qualitative and quantitative methods;
  6. To review and, as necessary, change the routinely collected data to inform the programme;
  7. To synthesise knowledge gained from multiple and sequential behavioural change evaluations using a theoretical framework;
  8. Through the conduct of the programme to inform dental services practitioners, policy makers and patients on how to effectively and cost-effectively translate national recommendations into routine clinical activities.


Set in general dental practice, the TRiaDS process follows an evaluative framework which employs a standardised and theoretical procedure.

For each SDCEP guidance document:

  • professional behaviour outcomes to assess best practice are identified and prioritised;
  • variation in current practice is measured and barriers and enablers to best practice are identified;
  • change in practice after publication of guidance is assessed;
  • the need for an intervention to translate guidance recommendations into practice is determined;
  • If needed, interventions are developed and tested.

Knowledge gained from each SDCEP guidance experience is collated to synthesise what is known about changing professional behaviour.

See the TRiaDS Framework.


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