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Oral Health Management of Patients at Risk of Medication-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

In March 2017, the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) published guidance on the Oral Health Management of Patients at Risk of Medication-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw. This is an update to the Oral Health Management of Patients Prescribed Bisphosphonates guidance, first published in 2011 and takes into account the wider range of drugs that have been implicated in the development of osteonecrosis of the jaw. Although the guidance is aimed primarily at dentists working in primary care dental practices, it is also of relevance to the secondary care dental services, those involved in dental education and undergraduate trainees, as well as to the prescribers and dispensers of these medications and to patients.

Following the TRiaDS process, a diagnostic analysis has been undertaken to identify current practice and salient beliefs in relation to recommendations contained in the guidance. This involved interviews with dentists, GPs and pharmacists as well as gathering feedback from patients and other key stakeholders involved in implementing the recommendations. In addition, pre-publication questionnaires were disseminated to dentists, GPs and pharmacists. Analysis of this data is underway and the full results are expected shortly.

To support the implementation of the SDCEP guidance, a Research Audit has been developed using a repeated measure design study to gather pre- and post-publication data about clinical practice and professional beliefs. This Research Audit aims to support dentists identify and reflect upon the barriers and facilitators to following the guidance recommendations through the development and implementation of action plans for improvement. Visit the SDPBRN website for full details of the Research Audit.